DAY 1 - JULY 23, 2016

Connecting Oral and Written Language for School-Age Children

Speaker: Anthony Koutsoftas, PhD, CCC-SLP

Koutsoftas_PASP2016_plenary session S_WL.PDF

Choosing and Implementing Evidence-‐based treatments for Motor‐Speech Disorders in Children and Adults  Speaker: Tricia McCabe, PhD, CPSP 

PASP 2016 McCabe EBP Treatments for Motor Speech.pdf
Nine Planes:  Restructuring Models for Improving Clinical Judgment and Decision-Making   Speaker:  Jean Christine Vela, CSP-PASP  The Nine Planes (Beyond Borders Convention) v002.pptx 
VFSS:  The Road to Standardization  Speaker:  Judy Damian, MS, CCC-SLP, CDP  VFSS The Road to Standardization.pdf 
Dynamic Assessment:  Taking Language Assessment to a Deeper Level  Speaker:  Jesusa Rowyna Wolgamotti, MS, CCC-SLP, MHPEd  PASP Convention 
Working on Working Memory:  Mediating Meaning in Cognitive Intervention  Speaker:  Carla Cuadro, MRS-SP, CSP-PASP  Working on Working Memory v3.0.pdf 
Family Dynamics and Disability  Speaker:  Aurorita Roldan, PhD   
Policies Affecting SLP Practice  Speaker:  Georgina Mojica, MHPEd, CSP-PASP  PASP policies Mojica.pdf 

DAY 2 - JULY 24, 2016

Interprofessional Education (IPE):  Global and Intercultural Perspectives

Speaker: Brian Shulman, PhD, CCC-SLP

Panel Discussion BB_ArranzLim.pptx 
PASP-GRCaballa 072416.pptx
PASP Convention_Beyond Borders Sadicon.pptx

Reading and Writing in Children with Hearing Impairment  Speaker: Anthony Koutsoftas, PhD, CCC-SLP

Bilingualism and Language Learning   Speaker:  Jocelyn Marzan, PhD, CCC-SLP  Marzan 2016 Bilingualism (PASP Convention).pptx 
Beyond the Basics of Auditory Verbal Therapy:  What Else Does It Take to Help Hearing-Impaired Children to Listen and Talk  Speaker:  Rachel Reyes, MAEd, LSLS, Certified AVT  
The Role of Narrative Skills in Enhancing the Literacy Skills of School-Age Children  Speaker:  Aurora Quipit, MS, CCC-SLP  Narrative Skills in School-Age Children.pptx 
Responsive AAC Intervention Programs:  A Roadmap to AAC Practice in the Philippines  Speaker:  Barbara Munar, MRS-SP, CSP-PASP PASP_Beyond_Borders_AAC_BMunar_2016.pdf 
Looking Deeper into PROMPT:  An Overview of a Research Program in Motor Speech Disorders  Speaker:  Roslyn Ward, PhD   



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