RA 11249 (SLP Act of 2019)

Under Republic Act 11249 or the Speech Language Pathology Act, the government is tasked to provide regulatory measures, programs, and activities that will equip speech language pathologists with “standards of professional practices and services [that is] world-class, internationally recognized, and globally competitive."

“The State recognizes the important role of speech language pathologists in nation building and promotes the sustained development of a corps of speech language pathologists whose competence have been determined by honest and credible licensure examinations,” the law states. Those who will be taking the licensure examination must also be able to meet the following requirements: a citizen of the Philippines or of a foreign state/country which observes reciprocity with the Philippines for the practice of speech language pathology; of good moral character; has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude; and a graduate of bachelor’s degree in speech language pathology from a school, college, or university in the Philippines or abroad that is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

  • Arao-Ynion and Gozum-Angeles initiated a thesis on the regulation of the profession under Prof. Diaz-Mojica
  • Mandate of President Rodriguez-Quiason to file a bill
  • SLP Bill No. 1494, "An Act Regulating the Practice of Speech Pathology", was filed by Sen. O. Mercado under the presidency of Prof. Roxas-Walgamotti
  • Sen. O. Mercado sponsors bill for the 9th congress (SB 1495) and 10th congress.
  • Sen. R. Jaworski sponsored the bill for the 11th congress (SRB 1651).
  1998 - 2001
  2001 - 2004
  • Sen. E. Angara (SB 2134) and Sen. L. Legarda (SB 776) sponsored the bill for the 12th congress.
  • Congresswoman B. Angara-Castillo sponsored the bill in the lower house for the 12th congress under HB 32.
  • SB 2134 reached the second reading under the Committee on Civil Service and Professional Reorganization.
  • HB 32 was passed under the third reading.
  • Sen. A. Trillanes introduced the SLP Bill.
  • Sen. R. Hontiveros became co-author.
  • A committee hearing was conducted at the House of Representatives.
  • PASP Representatives presented at the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).
  • The SLP Bill was approved at the Committee Level, HOR.
  • The SLP Bill hurdles the HOR final reading.

Hon. Rowena Arao-Ynion was sworn in as a member of the PRB-SLP Tentative date for first board examination for SLPs  


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